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Memorial Day 2018

"I'd like to thank American Legion Post 108 for holding its annual Memorial Day service and event at the Amador Memorial Park in Pioneer. I was grateful to have the opportunity to speak about those who served our country and who while not killed in combat, later lost their lives due to their military service.

War takes a serious toll on those who experience it and their families. Many veterans are homeless. Twenty veterans commit suicide every day. Four years ago, my son, a Gulf War I veteran, was one of them -- a homeless veteran with extreme PTSD who could no long bear the pain. We need to remember and honor all of our lost service members, and here in Amador County, do all we can to provide them with the services they need."

-- Supervisor Lynn Morgan


My husband Pat and I chose to retire in District 3 in 2007, attracted by Amador County’s scenic beauty, wonderful people and rich history.

But my “retirement” didn’t last long. As the president of the Upcountry Community Council, I worked with local residents to save the Payless IGA in Buckhorn. On the Farms of Amador board, I worked to help local farmers and ranchers broaden the options for fresh, locally grown food available here in Amador County. Those experiences convinced me to run for Amador County District 3 supervisor, and I was elected in November 2014.

Since that time, I have focused on improving services for District 3 residents, responding to your concerns, and making county government more accessible to upcountry residents. But there is much left to be done. So I am running for re-election to the District 3 supervisor seat.

I humbly ask for your support and help. Together, we can make sure District 3 is a thriving, safe, and rewarding place to live, work, and retire.

I invite you to share your concerns and ideas about what we can do together in the next few years to move our district and our county forward while we respect our rural values and history.

Please contact me if you have comments or suggestions. If you’d like to support my candidacy, I would be honored to have your endorsement. And if you’d like to help with our campaign, I invite you to volunteer.

I look forward to working with you in 2018 and beyond.


My best,


Committee to Reelect Lynn Morgan for Supervisor D3 2018 • FPPC# 1399670
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